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Goddess Treasure is a blend of some of the worlds purest clays known for extracting toxins: Kaolin clay, sea clay, bentonite clay, & activated charcoal. Soft, sensitive, bold and powerful is how you would describe each clays performance. Goddess Treasure can be applied on any type of skin and is suitable for all ages. 

Each tube contains four treatments which are made by adding a tablespoon of the clay to a small container with warm water. Stir until mixture forms a paste and apply a thin even layer on your face and neck. Enhance your mask by using apple cider vinegar instead of water - and ALWAYS use a non-metallic bowl and spoon to avoid activating the clays natural charge. Let it sit on your face 10-20 minute raise off with warm water and pat dry. 

For those with ultra sensitive skin, we recommend trying a small amount on your skin prior to using. Shine on goddess!

Goddess Treasure