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T.H. SOAP Miami, FL

All Natural, Handmade Soap, Skincare & Haircare Products

    We at Tree Hugging Soap believe the universe provides the

    essentials we need for health & happiness.

    We combine the natural practices of the old ways. We use only the basics, combining herbs and moisturizers naturally occurring in nature. Almost all our skincare products contain unrefined shea butter from Ghana, Africa. We use various clays and essential oils which are purchased from reputable brands such as NOW, and Certified Wholesale Union who harvest from organic farms. All our products containing moringa are sourced from our backyard.


    Essential oils have countless benefits to the body such as healing dry skin, rashes, and psoriasis, as well as helping with depression and insomnia. For extra exfoliation, some of our bars contain stimulating salts, sugars, oats, and clays that will leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. Plus, our soaps smell delightful, are natural, safe, and cruelty free. The aromas and benefits of our natural soaps, skincare and haircare products are like hugging a tree and feeling nature's energy envelop you.


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